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DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform within Excel that improves the speed and quality of your audit.

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Significantly reduce manual work.

Our document matching features reduce the amount of manual work needed for reconciliation procedures with 91%. This enables your firm to spend more time on high-value services for your clients.


Strengthen your audit quality.

Marvelous cross-referencing and a great overview within Excel strengthens the overall audit quality. These features make it very easy to review the audit trail in every audit procedure.


Give your auditors superpowers.

We built DataSnipper to make auditors brilliant at what they do. Features like automated Document Matching, Text Recognition, and Smart Search give them the ability to deliver outstanding work.


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What auditors say about us

DataSnipper improves the speed and quality of a wide variety of audit procedures, like tests of details, tests of controls, and walkthroughs.

Marco de Kruijk
Senior Manager at BDO

DataSnipper is a product auditors love. As a launching customer it's been great to be part of this from the start.

Angelique Koopman
Partner at EY

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Perform audit tests 10x faster

We worked together with one of our clients on a business case to discover the added value of DataSnipper. The result: you perform audit tests 10x faster with DataSnipper.