Snipping features

Cross-reference everything

With DataSnipper you can cross-reference Excel with PDFs, images (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc), DOCX and XLSX files. The references are stored in the workbook, which makes it very easy to review audit procedures.

Document Matching

Automate Tests of Details

With ‘Document Matching’, you automatically match Excel data with source documents, like invoices, bank statements, and contracts. This feature is great for Tests of Details and other reconciliation procedures.

Find All Sums

Review Financial Statements

With ‘Find all Sums’, you automatically verify all sums in a document. DataSnipper is great for validating the mathematical accuracy and consistency of financial statements.


Table Snip

Extract any table

With the ‘Table Snip’, you can easily extract tabular data from PDFs into Excel. Multi-page table extraction allows you to analyze large PDF reports.

Smart Search

Finding Needles in Haystacks

With ‘Smart Search’, you always find what you are searching for. The search overview lets you go straight to the most relevant results.


Sum Snip

Sum all values

The ‘Sum Snip’ makes it possible to add amounts from multiple documents. You no longer need to retype in Excel or use your calculator.


Advanced Text Recognition

Optical Character Recognitition (OCR)

With ‘Text Recognition’, you can recognize text on scans and images. This enables you to search and extract text. It works on all languages (English to Korean) and also recognizes handwriting.